Ever heard of Nudge Theory?

Nudge Theory was developed by Richard H Thaler in 2008. It’s a concept from Behavioural Economics, which uses positive reinforcement to influence people.

A famous example of Nudge Theory was used in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, where an image of a fly was etched onto the urinals in the airport toilets, encouraging men to ‘aim’ for the fly, reducing splash back and reducing the airport toilet clean up costs by 80%.

“Nudges” steer us into making the right decision, without actually forcing us.

Beware that “Nudges” can easily turn into “Sludges” - techniques pushing us into making a decision which isn’t in our best interest.

Ever seen sweets and chocolates placed next to tills, right within hands reach?

You can pay more attention to your behaviour when grocery shopping and ask yourself “is this a nudge or a sludge?”


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