Kat Myles, personal trainer

Pre and post-natal, senior, and general fitness lessons, in person or video call. I’m based in Merida, Mexico.

Contact me any time to book.

Pre and post-natal fitness

Whether you are pregnant or have already had your baby, you may have lots of questions about your training program—from how to exercise safely in each trimester, to why you’ve got ongoing lower back pain, diastasis recti, or issues with your pelvic floor when you jump or squat.

I’ll design a training program to support you in every stage of motherhood. I want to help empower, educate and rehabilitate you pre and postpartum. I’ll encourage you to value your own health and fitness, and to care for yourself, just as you care for your children.

I’ve had three children myself, so I know how important it is to look after yourself.

Whether you’re looking for sociable group training sessions with other mums and their babies, or a more focussed one-on-one training program with specific goals, contact me today to book a session. We’ll go at whatever pace you find comfortable.

General population training

Whether you’ve just started your fitness journey, or have come back to it after a long break, working with a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals.

I can help you:

You don’t need expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment to get started. I will design a program tailored to you, which means you can get started right away. Contact me today.

Senior fitness

Age doesn’t have to slow you down. Senior fitness training promotes active training to increase confidence and independence in your daily life.

I can come to you, on your schedule, to make working out a comfortable and positive experience. Even if you’ve never been to a gym or had an exercise regime before. I want you to be happy while you improve your self image, health and confidence.

Whether you’re looking for a sociable and relaxed group session, or a focussed one-on-one program with specific goals, contact me today to book a session. You’ll feel better in no time.

Online classes, one-on-one or small group sessions

Because of the pandemic I offer the option of online classes. COVID has required us all to adapt our fitness routines, whilst not compromising on the effectiveness of the session.

I will work around your schedule, and any space and equipment you may have at home.

Contact me today. I’m happy to train my online clients one on one or in small groups.

Kat is a superb and knowledgeable trainer. She has worked around my injuries, helping me to gain strength and fitness in spite of them. Kat keeps her programs varied but targeted and has helped me reach tangible goals.

Friendly, fun and professional, I really look forward to Kat’s sessions and highly recommend her as a trainer partner.


I'm so happy that I have found Katherine. She has helped me transform my post-baby body and is an excellent, very patient trainer.

Each session is different and she’s given me some very helpful advice on nutrition and weight loss. My husband and I look forward to each session!

Poppy S.

I started weekly training sessions with Kat in January 2020 as a New Year’s resolution to get fit. After 2 babies and 4 years out of the gym I started from a low fitness base and with limited core strength.

Kat tailors our sessions to be challenging but encouraging, and the progress we’ve made in 8 months is really motivating me to keep at it!


I’ve been training with Kat now for about 7 months and it was originally as a way to add more variety into my fitness routine. I love the sessions I have with her; they are motivating, varied and just the right amount of challenge!

My fitness has definitely improved and even my running has gotten so much better because of these sessions!

Natalie H.

Kat is fab! I have been doing strength training with her twice a week for the last month and really enjoy her classes. She is very knowledgeable and keeps you motivated and each class is different.

I leave feeling energised and like I have had a really good workout. Kat is also great at working around any injuries you may have. Would highly recommend!

Lucy C.

I’ve been training with Kat since late last year and am loving my sessions with her. She’s been able to provide me with workouts very specific to my needs which has helped to keep me motivated.

Each session is different and I’m always impressed that she finds such variety of exercises to keep it interesting. My strength and fitness has definitely improved with her help. She’s extremely personable and clearly spends time thinking about ways to keep me on track. Thanks Kat!

Annette W.

I started training with Kat at the beginning of 2020 and she has done an amazing job to keep me motivated over the course of such a turbulent year so far!

She’s totally dedicated, and has been really adaptable to make sure that I am able to train effectively every week. Kat is super approachable and gives great encouragement but also delivers extremely thorough workouts, which make me feel strong and tough! Thanks Kat.

Fiona C.

Thanks Kat!! I have to say this has been amazing and has really spurred me on to get fit. I’ve made more progress this year than I have in a long time.


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