What is a sedentary lifestyle?

Well, it’s a lifestyle that involves little or no physical activity. It’s one of the major global health issues of the 21st Century as it’s an underlying cause of death, disease and disability. It’s estimated that each year over 2 million premature deaths are caused worldwide by obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

When we sit down, our muscles don’t perform the important contractions our bodies need in order to clear fats and glucose from our blood. This in turn increases the risk of diabetes or heart problems.

Generally speaking, you can consider yourself having a sedentary lifestyle if you sit for >7 hours a day. In fact, those who sit for >11 hours a day have a 40% higher risk of premature death than those sitting for <4 hours a day.

What can we do about it?

Adults are encouraged to get between 75–150 minutes of exercise a week.

If you work in an office you can walk or cycle to work, set reminders to stand up regularly, drink lots of water so that you get up regularly to walk to the toilet, go out for lunch, and use fitness trackers.

In Denmark companies are required by law to protect their employees from inactivity by offering sit/stand work stations!

How active are you?

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