Have you heard of Plogging?

Here’s a Scandinavian wellness trend that may interest you! It’s good for both the body and the soul! It’s a mash-up of the Swedish term ‘plucka-up’ (picking up) and the English word ‘jogging’.

So what shall we pick up whilst we’re jogging? Litter!

It’s a way of staying fit whilst keeping your local environment trash-free. Joggers tend to come across litter all along their running route, but most of us will just keep on running when we see it.

Erik Ahlström invented Plogging as a green form of exercise to take responsibility and tackle the problem of littering.

“Does it actually burn that many calories?” I hear you ask.

You’d be surprised, it’s similar to interval training as you need to stop jogging regularly to squat down and pick up litter. After a while you’ll be working out your upper body too by carrying a full rubbish bag. It’s definitely more physical than a regular jog, with the added benefit of contributing to a worthy cause.

Just remember to bring along rubber gloves/hand sanitiser with your rubbish bags!

Kat Myles, personal trainer

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